I made a hoverboard on monday.

18 Apr

Going to expand it out a lot, but I thought I’d share a video of the first prototype.


Making it worth listening to – Dynamic Audio Talk from Nordic Game Jam 2013

19 Jan

As many people have requested this,

here’s the slides and examples from my talk about adaptive music at nordic game jam:


Patrick Sebastian’s libpd4unity3d example

My unity3d demos from the talk


Vessel’s Dynamic Audio Systems

21 Sep

At the Vienna 2012 Game AI Conference I presented a talk on the ways we built dynamic audio and adaptive music into VESSEL.

Given that it’s recently been featured in Humble Indie Bundle #6, a number of people asked if a recording was available. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to post a recording, however I’ve edited my slides so they can be viewed online!

They can be viewed here, enjoy:
The Dynamic Audio of VESSEL – Vienna Game AI Conference 2012


Use Editor Delegates from the Unite 2012 keynote RIGHT NOW (and for free!)

25 Aug

During the Unite 2012 keynote a number of future features was demoed for the editor. One of these features was editor delegates.

I actually wrote an editor extension for this some years ago, and have used it in a number of released projects.

Seeing as this is going to be a new feature in unity in the future, I’m going to release this for free (both here and also on the unity asset store) so people can start using this feature while unity finishes their implementation.

See the demo included for an example in action and check out the readme for instructions on how to use the extension. There’s a few small unusual steps you need to take to make the system work.




Vessel is OUT!

03 Mar

And… it’s out.

It’s been so intense finishing this game that right now the idea that it’s actually out there being played by people hasn’t really sunk in yet.

For more info about what I did on Vessel,  check here

You can buy the game right now on or on steam. There’s also a demo out on steam!


Time to get some sleep, it’s a long flight to San Francisco tomorrow for GDC.


T-Minus 24 Hours: Counting down to Vessel’s Launch

01 Mar

What a rush!

Over the last 9 months or so I’ve been helping out the fine lads at Strange Loop Games on their indie flagship title Vessel. (You can pre-order it on their website or steam right now!)

It would take pages and pages to describe why this liquid physics platformer is  unique and awesome on so many levels… so instead I’m just going to post the trailer here:

So what was I doing on this project? Lots of things, but my main focus was on sound & music. Lots of work on dynamic water sounds, music behaviors when puzzles are being solved. We had lots of lofty goals with the sound on this project and I’m both amazed and happy to say we realized nearly every one of them.

Only 24 hours to go!

P.S Pre order now for 10% off  :)

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Unity Editor Extension: Introducing “AutoPilot for TestFlight”

13 Aug

Meet AutoPilot, a new Unity3D editor extension that lets you send iPhone builds to testers wherever they are in the world with a single click.

More info…

AutoPilot on the Unity Asset Store…


Big Boy’s Toys: Making the Unity3d build server used for Defiant’s Rocket Bunnies

23 Nov

This is the first in a series of posts about setting up “big studio” style tools & workflows to take the pain out of indie development. This first post starts with setting up a build server as I recently did this and it’s still fresh in my mind.

A “build server” you say?

Feel free to skip this section if you know what a build server is and why they’re awesome… if not, follow me!

Unity is great at doing many things, but if you’re in an indie startup… Licences per seat of the iPhone/android kit are too expensive for everyone to have one. This usually leads to a bad scenario where one person has an iPhone and/or android kit and is responsible for all QA and builds for that platform… which doesn’t always go that great.

But there’s an almost silver bullet solution to this… a continuous integration build server.

A continuous integration build server watches a source control server and automatically makes builds when a change is detected. This instantly provides iPhone/android builds to members on the team who don’t have that software kit. An artist can update an asset, check it in and have it in the next build without even opening unity (not very good practice mind you).

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48 Hour Game Making Challenge. Dino + Minigun = Win.

05 Oct

Friday through sunday was the brisbane 48 hour game making challenge. An annual, frightfully competitive game jam/competition I’ve attended these last two years. And we won!

In the challenge, teams of up to six people are given 48 hours to make a game about 3 words. This year it was “dinosaur”, “revenge” and “bar”.

So what did we do? We made a western, starring a dinosaur who’s brother had been lynched by sheep (who say “baa” …geddit?) … in a bar! Behold!

You can even play the game here: Big Al’s Redemption

- or -

Download an offline, higher res version: Windows, Mac

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Inviting Mr Abbott to play the Boatphone game

20 Aug

Tony Abbott said earlier today that:
“If I can achieve three boats a year as opposed to three boats a week I think the Australian public would give every reason to be grateful.”

When making ‘Stop the Boats’ we found it so difficult to stop boats that we set a target of ten boats. If Tony Abbott is aiming to have only three boats arrive we invite him to practice before the election using our game.

So we’ve sent Tony a link to the game, and we hope to hear how he went!

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